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Brussels Airlines in holiday spirit

Sunday, December 23, 2012 Brussels Airlines gets into the holiday spirit at 30,000 feet. The entire fleet has been decorated with Christmas wreaths for the occasion and passengers are spoiled with delicious meals. For the first time Brussels Airlines also offers an original Christmas gift: an attractively priced gift voucher to offer a flight to your loved ones.

Those who thought that no one travels during the Christmas night, should think again. Brussels Airlines operates six long haul flights during the night of 24 December, including flights from Gambia, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, the United States and Israel. The flight from New York to Brussels Airport is fully booked.

Brussels Airlines did extra efforts to create a real Christmas atmosphere on board. All aircraft cabins are adorned with a festive wreath and even the boarding music is adapted for the occasion. Intercontinental passengers in Business Class are treated to gourmet dishes such as a terrine of paté, scallops with mascarpone and deer. On 25 December a traditional Christmas cake will be served. In Economy class the dishes also have a festive touch and all passengers are treated to Neuhaus chocolates.

During the holiday period, Brussels Airlines focuses on the many charity projects in Africa that it supports through the Passengers can buy a Christmas hat on board, all proceeds go to

For those who are still looking for an original Christmas present, Brussels Airlines offers flight tickets until 31 December. A ticket costs only €99 all in and is valid for a b.light economy return trip to one of the 30 selected European destinations. More info at

At the airport Brussels Airlines surprised its passengers under the motto “Spread Christmas love”. Passengers were unsuspectingly waiting for their luggage when they saw a gift wrapped box passing by on the luggage carrousel, with the message “Pick me up and I’m yours”. The ones who were daring enough to pick up the present were in for a wonderful treat, handed to them by a Brussels Airlines flight attendant. Watch the video to see their surprised faces.