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    Vatican Museums Partnership

    The Vatican Museums are among the world’s most-visited museums and a must-see attraction in Rome. Therefore Brussels Airlines, together with Austrian and Swiss, has signed an agreement with the Vatican Museums to offer a new range of benefits and preferential prices for passengers and museum visitors.

    Visitors purchasing an entry ticket from the Vatican Museums official site will receive by email a promocode to get a 15% discount on their next Brussels Airlines flight.

    Logo vatican museumsWhile passengers flying from or to Rome with Brussels Airlines who wish to crown their trip with a visit to the Vatican collections, will be entitled, upon presenting their boarding card within seven days of the flight date, to a ticket at the special reduced price of 13 Euros and preferential “skip the line” entry.

    The Vatican Museums will also be pleased to offer a copy of the DVD “Arte e Fede” (“Art and Faith”) to every passenger who takes advantage of this offer.

    About Rome

    Thanks to its excellent climate and large number of monuments, impressive buildings and attractive squares, Rome is very popular among tourists.

    Visitors to Rome can wander through a city full of historic buildings. Let’s start with National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II (Il Vittoriano), a huge white building constructed to commemorate the unification of Italy. Also worth a visit are The Forum Romano and the Colosseum. This arena is undoubtedly one of the most famous buildings in Rome.  

    Sistine chapelThe Trevi Fountain is also a major tourist attraction. The name of the fountain is derived from the three streets that lead into the small square with the fountain. There is also the Pantheon, which is the oldest best-preserved building in Rome, with a dome that is open at the top. Anyone who goes to Rome should certainly visit Vatican City and the St. Peter’s Basilica, which is the biggest church in the world. This miniature state is officially not part of the city of Rome, even though it is usually associated with it. 

    Located at the heart of Vatican City you will find the Vatican Museums, hosting one of the most magnificent art collections in the world. Officially opened in 1506 by Pope Julius II, the museums display works from the immense collection built up by the Popes throughout the centuries. Art, history, archeology… the Vatican Museums presents outstanding and unique works culminating in the Sistine Chapel decorated by the greatest masters of the Renaissance, among them Michelangelo, the papal apartments decorated by Raphael and the impressive spiral staircase designed by Donato Bramante.

    After a busy day filling your eyes with the artistic beauties of the city, don’t forget to fill your stomach with typical Italian culinary delights. Start with an aperitivo, continue with a typical 3 course dinner and end with the best ice cream in the world. You will feel full but definitely satisfied!

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    Julie visited Rome: discover her travel journal here >>