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    Burgas, Black Sea

    Burgas and the Black Sea.

    Burgas is your gateway to Bulgaria's best beach resorts. Family beach or cosmopolitan nightlife? Take your pick!

    Burgas Lake

    Burgas Lake.

    How about a boat tour on Burgas Lake, also known as Lake Vaya, the largest natural lake in Bulgaria?

    Burgas Sunflower

    Golden sunflower fields in Burgas.

    Did you know that Bulgaria is the largest exporter of sunflower seeds in the world? Discover never-ending sunflower fields near Burgas.

    Flights to Burgas and the Black Sea

    Burgas (or Bourgas) is the largest city in south-east Bulgaria, located in a magnificent bay of the same name in the Black Sea. It’s no accident that this seaside resort built more than 2,000 years ago attracts thousands of tourists each year! In fact, this city has more than one trick up its sleeve.

    It’s the perfect place to go sightseeing, relax on the beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, improve your mind by visiting many historic sites, or practice sport! What’s more, if you want to live it up in Bulgaria, Burgas is THE destination for having fun and spending a pleasant evening in the numerous bars and nightclubs!

    So don’t wait a moment longer, and book your Brussels Airlines ticket to Burgas!

    What to do in Burgas?

    1. The Sea Garden is a park beside the sea offering a pleasant patch of greenery. Whether during the day or in the evening, take a stroll and you won’t notice the time flying by. If you’re feeling a bit peckish, there are numerous restaurants, bars and cafés nearby to satisfy you.
    2. In the city centre, not far from the Saints Cyril and Methodius Cathedral, is the Ethnographic Museum which will introduce you to the region’s way of life through furniture and period costumes. It is on two floors; the ground floor traces the city’s history from 1890, while on the first floor you can see pieces of embroidery, jewellery, and headdresses, etc.
    3. If you want a deeper look at the region’s history, go to Nessebar, one of the oldest cities in Europe. Founded around 3,000 years ago by the Thracians, the ancient city of Nessebar has a wealth of vestiges from the past and monuments from the Byzantine era. Thanks to its heritage, the city has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1983.
    4. Very close to Nessebar, just 35 km from Burgas, is Sunny Beach, the largest seaside resort in Bulgaria. With more than 130 hotels and as many restaurants, you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you have time to take a trip to the Golden Sands, don’t hesitate! In the heart of a natural park, this seaside resort is world famous for all its activities (day and night), its beaches and magnificent landscapes. It is worth noting that this is also a good time to visit Varna as you make your way to the park, as this charming town is on your route.
    5. The quiet town of Sozopol, located just 30 minutes from Burgas, is also well worth a detour. It is one of Bulgaria’s most charming and picturesque sites. The ancient fortified city is still very well preserved, and regularly welcomes artists, painters, musicians, poets, etc.
    6. Saint Anastasia Island is perfect for a short day trip. The island’s size is not in proportion to the treasures it contains. Indeed, although it isn’t very large, it is magnificent, with its lighthouse, little quays, and delicious local delicacies.
    7. Those who want to feast their eyes will also find two superb lakes close to Burgas: Lake Atanasovsko, which is a nature reserve, and Lake Burgas, which is Bulgaria’s largest natural lake.

    Practical information for your trip to Burgas

    • Brussels Airlines flights arrive and depart from Burgas Airport, which is just under 15 km from the city centre. There is a regular bus service to the town centre throughout the day (+- every 20 minutes).
    • Current local time in Burgas:  
    • Currency: The local currency is the Bulgarian lev. You won’t have any trouble finding cash machines (Visa, MasterCard and AM). Euros are accepted in Bulgaria, but it is more advantageous to use the local currency.
    • Telephone calls and Wi-Fi: The dialling code for Bulgaria is +359. You will have no trouble finding Wi-Fi. Indeed, Wi-Fi networks are available in the airport, and are often in Burgas’s hotels, restaurants, and cafés.
    • Electric sockets: Sockets have a standard voltage of 230 V and are type F (European standard). If you use American or British plugs, you will need an adaptor.
    • Travel information: European union citizens do not need a visa for a trip to Burgas. All they need is a passport or identity card. For all information on visas and travel documents, visit the website
    • Vaccination: When travelling to Burgas, there are no mandatory vaccinations for European travellers. For more health information, visit the website

    What to do and not do in Burgas?

    • If you go to a restaurant, never leave a tip on the table when you leave! Give it to the waiter or waitress when you pay the bill.
    • The inhabitants of Burgas are famous for being very warm and open. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask them for advice and information.
    • The locals greatly appreciate it if you know a few words in Bulgarian, but be careful of gestures: nodding the head is the equivalent of saying “no”, whilst shaking the head from left to right means “yes”. To avoid any misunderstanding, it is better to learn to say “yes” and “no” in Bulgarian!
    • Remember, too, that the Bulgarians use the Cyrillic alphabet and that signs are often in Cyrillic. It is wise, therefore, to learn a few words in Bulgarian and to install one of the many translation Apps available on the market (some don’t require an internet connection).

    Survival vocabulary in Bulgarian

    • Yes: Da
    • No: Ne
    • Good morning: Dobro utro / Dovar den
    • Good evening: Dobar vecher
    • Goodbye: Dovijdanye
    • Thank you: Blagodarya
    • How much is it? Kolko struva?
    • How to get to…? Kak da stigna do…?
    • To the airport, please: Kum letishteto, molya
    • Airplane: Samolet
    • Bus: Avtobus
    • Boat: Korab
    • Beach: Plazh

    Cultural events in Burgas

    • Sand Sculpture Festival: Each year, this festival brings together artists from all over the world to create sand sculptures on the beach in Burgas. Entrants receive 5,000 tonnes of sand. There is a different theme each year.
    • The Apollonia Festival of Arts: takes place each year in Sozopol, and has as its backdrop the town’s cultural locations such as the amphitheatre or the archaeological museum. It is mainly aimed at young artists.

    When to go to Burgas?

    Burgas has a warm, humid, subtropical climate. The winters are very cold with heavy snowfall, whilst the summers are very warm and sunny. In summer, temperatures in Burgas can reach 40°C!

    Any time from June to September is the best time to visit Burgas. If you are going in summer, don’t forget your sunglasses and sun cream.

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