Our testimonials


Flying is like breathing…

…once you’ve started, you can’t stop. And challenges? You know you’ll deal with them as one, together with all your colleagues. Flying at Brussels Airlines makes me feel special ;-)

Céline Vandersteene – Pilot


In one sentence…

…it’s impossible to sum up the whole experience at Brussels Airlines. There’s so much to tell. Each day brings its own challenges. So we have to be prepared for anything!

Tony Van Velthoven – Airport Ticketing Officer


A warm and friendly welcome…

…for every single passenger. As a Passenger Services Agent, I am the first point of contact for our passengers so I make sure they receive an excellent service from the start of their journey with us.

Jacques Deppe – Passenger Services Agent


The right price at the right moment…

…for every customer. That’s a nice daily challenge! So many things we have to take into consideration. The booking profile of the different customer segments, marketing campaigns, holidays, our great onboard service and so on. But together we always manage. We have a great team that’s totally motivated and dedicated to achieving the best results!

Gérald De Decker – Head of Pricing & Revenue Management Intercontinental


A smile in your voice…

…always makes a customer happy. That’s just one motto of many that pops into my mind for the Service Centre. But don’t forget: “One goal, one passion: our customer”; and the one that makes everyone laugh: “A smile a day keeps the bad news away".

Clémence Ossohou – Service Centre Agent