Reduced mobility

Wheelchairs, mobility devices and other medical equipment

Passengers with reduced mobility who depend on a wheelchair, crutches, braces, prosthetic device or medical equipment may carry the following items free of charge (in addition to the free hand luggage allowance):

Service animals

Guide dogs and other assistance dogs are transported free of charge and are allowed in the cabin. Animals must be prenotified at time of reservation. Please contact our Service Centre.


  • Brussels Airlines doesn't accept any pets in cabin on its flights to the United Kingdom.
    Alternative: pets are accepted on our flights to London Heathrow under the UK Pet Travel Scheme when shipped as Cargo. The owner of the pet is responsible for ensuring that the pet meets all the rules for entering the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme. Under no circumstances will Brussels Airlines accept liability or incurring costs for the failure of the clearance of pets, due to incorrect documentation. For more info please contact:

Please visit this page for more info about travel companions, guide dogs and other assistance dogs >>