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Is the plane your second office? You deserve first class flexibility!
For some people, maybe you as well, catching a plane is an integral part of your professional life. What’s more, professional life is full of the unexpected, and the unexpected requires the ultimate flexibility. That’s why Flex&Fast offers you a fast lane security check, priority boarding, e-newspapers as well as changeable or refundable flights at no extra charge. Flex&Fast? Never has a class been so aptly named.

Your Flex&Fast benefits:

  You prefer a seat in front of the plane?

You can secure your preferred seat already during your booking, and with a Flex&Fast ticket, you'll be able to choose one in the front rows.*

* It is possible that for operational, security or safety reasons, Brussels Airlines might have to change your seat number at a later time. Should this occur, Brussels Airlines will do its utmost to maintain your seat characteristics (window/aisle).

  You love to have some flexibility?

With a Flex&Fast ticket you can change for free to a different date or an earlier flight on the same day, in case there is space available in your original fare family. In case your original class isn't available anymore, you'll only pay the fare difference.

  You can't leave on holiday without all your favorite clothing?

You can fill your free piece of checked baggage with up to 23kg!

  Your laptop, camera or make-up really doesn't fit in your hand baggage anymore?

Besides your free piece of hand baggage, you may take one accessory such as a handbag, laptop bag, camera bag or briefcase with you as well (up to 12kg in total). Find out more about our allowed baggage dimensions >

  You might decide not to take the flight you already booked?

You'll receive a full refund in case you cancel your Flex&Fast ticket before departure.

  You prefer to check in at the airport?

There's a check-in counter at your disposal in all airports.

  Your time is limited?

As a Flex&Fast guest you can use the fast lane at the airport security**, you can board the plane first.

** Fast Lane service is only available in selected airports. Please view our airport info pages to check if your departure airport offers a Fast Lane service.

  You cherish your personal space?

We'll always try to keep the middle seat free for our Flex&Fast guests

  You're travelling often?

You'll earn Miles on all your Flex&Fast flights.

In case you want to add a little extra to your Flex&Fast ticket, we'll offer you the following options:
  • You can buy your lounge access in Brussels Airport for only €29

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