Brussels Airlines' facts and figures

To give you an insight into our company we would like to share a few interesting facts and figures. Did you know that …

  • The Brussels Airlines family consists of about 3400 employees
  • 80% of these employees work in Belgium and Europe
  • Africa can be considered our second home as we staff around 400 people there
  • We have 1600 flying staff
  • Of which 75% are enthusiastic and motivated cabin crew members
  • The other 25% are dedicated cockpit crew
  • In addition to the flying staff, we also have around 1100 operational ground staff in departments such as Maintenance & Engineering, Ground Operations, Security & Quality, Airport Coordination Centre, …
  • Behind the scenes, we can also count on 700 colleagues in administrative support departments such as Finance, Sales, Marketing, Customer Experience, Communication, HR, …
  • The average age of our employees is 40
  • Our youngest employee is 18 years old
  • Our oldest employee in Belgium will turn 66
  • There is an equal distribution of male (52%) and female (48%) employees

Last update: June 2014