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    Manchester’s Town Hall

    Manchester’s Town Hall

    Located in Albert Square, Manchester’s Town Hall is a Victorian, Neo-Gothic municipal building and is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

    Victoria Baths

    Victoria Baths

    No expense was spared when this stunning building was designed: it features a multi-coloured brickwork façade, an interior with glazed tiles and windows with decorative stained glass.

    Flights to Manchester

    Manchester is a cool English city that has a large number of interesting sights in store for visitors. It is also home to Manchester United, one of Europe’s greatest football clubs.

    Manchester is one of England’s biggest cities with many homes preserved from the Victorian era. Tourist attractions include the Lowry Centre, the Cathedral dating from 1847 and the neo-Gothic town hall with a tower 90 metres high. Climbing up is worth the effort for the magnificent view of the city.

    Culture lovers should also visit the Manchester Museum and the Art Gallery, which has one of England’s most prestigious collections of art. The Jewish Museum is also a major attraction.

    What to do in Manchester?

    1. Manchester Art Gallery houses one of the finest Victorian and contemporary art collections in the UK. Events are put on for children or adults every week.
    2. The Jewish Museum is a hidden treasure. The building was originally a synagogue, constructed in the Moorish style. Completed in 1874, this museum has managed to preserve its beautiful stained-glass windows and the distinctive cast iron fitments.
    3. Old Trafford, the theatre of dreams. Football fans will certainly enjoy themselves in Manchester if they include a visit to Old Trafford, Manchester United’s home football ground. After all, this is the biggest stadium and most titled football team in the UK.
    4. Science and Industry Museum. Manchester is well known for its rich industrial legacy and this museum is the best place to discover it. You will be plunged into the industrial revolution around 1830 and experience it for yourself as you explore the steam engines and other machines. This site houses the world’s first passenger railway station and warehouse.
    5. The Victoria Baths are a stunning example of Victorian architecture. The interesting history and stained glass make these baths worth a visit. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a guided tour to find out even more about their history.
    6. The Town Hall is a magnificent landmark and neo-Gothic masterpiece from the 19th century. Unfortunately, it is closed until 2024 for renovation but you can admire it from the outside.

    Practical information for your trip to Manchester

    • Brussels Airlines flies to and from Manchester Airport, which is 16 km from the city centre. The easiest way to get from the airport to the city is via the train station, it takes 20 min and costs around 5 pounds. Taxis and buses are also available but they take longer.
    • Current local time in Manchester:  
    • Currency: British pound sterling (GPB). Cash and credit card are the main payment methods and ATMs can be found at most bank branches, as well as inside many supermarkets and corner shops.
    • Country dialling code and Wi-Fi access: The country code for the UK is +44. Many bars and cafés offer free Wi-Fi for customers.
    • Electric sockets: UK plugs are type G with three rectangular prongs in a triangular arrangement. The electrical system runs on 230 volts/50 Hz.
    • Travel information: Whilst not part of the Schengen zone, currently EU, EEA and US citizens do not need a visa to visit the UK. Other documents, such as proof of return flights and a valid passport, may be required. For more details and specific information on your country of residence visit:
    • Vaccinations are not required to visit the UK. For more health information visit:

    Dos and Don’ts in Manchester

    • If you’re thinking about taking a car, remember that they drive on the left in the UK.
    • Always stand in line. People from the UK take queuing very seriously. Whether it’s to board a bus or buy tickets at a kiosk, never attempt to jump the queue, as this will only result in arguments with the locals.
    • People in the UK are constantly apologizing for the smallest mistake, even if they’re not at fault. Don’t forget to say “sorry” if you accidentally bump into someone. They probably will too, even if it was your fault.
    • British people are quite reserved, so a handshake is the most appropriate form of greeting.
    • Avoid talking loudly in public, as this can be considered offensive or embarrassing.
    • Don’t stare, because privacy is very important in the UK, and British people consider this rude.

    Essential vocabulary

    Below you can find typical words from Manchester dialect

    • buzzing — to have a good time
    • dead — an emphasis marker (e.g., "dead busy" and "dead friendly".)
    • the dibble — refers to the police
    • gaff — a residence, house or flat
    • madferit (Mad for it) — full of enthusiasm, a phrase that embodied the Madchester era
    • muppet — ignorant, foolish
    • safe — to be on good terms, also used to mean "okay" and as a greeting
    • sayin(g) — contraction of "what are you saying?", now used as a greeting, via sense of "what are you up to?"
    • scran — food (also used in Liverpool and Glasgow and Newcastle)
    • scrote — refers to someone worthless or unpleasant; a low-life
    • sorted — okay
    • sound — okay, trustworthy

    Cultural events in Manchester

    • Manchester Beer & Cider Festival is a must-visit for all beer and cider lovers. A wide range of alcohol is displayed that will introduce you to new flavours.
    • Irish Festival: if you visit England in March, you can’t miss it. During this festival, a string of events is organized in the city where you can dance, listen to music and see special guests. You can also visit the Irish markets that sell some of the best Irish products.
    • Chinese New Year: as Manchester has one of the biggest Chinese communities in the UK, Chinese New Year is an important event there. In January and February, you can watch dragons, dancers and acrobats parading on the streets. This is a fantastic opportunity to taste Chinese food too.
    • Manchester Zombie Walk is quite unique in the city. At the end of October, thousands of witches, zombies and ghosts take control of the city by coming out onto the streets.

    When to go to Manchester?

    Manchester has a mild maritime climate with cool rather than cold winters and warm summers. The best time to visit Manchester is during spring, when you can enjoy great sunny days and avoid the worst of the unpredictable weather. The weather is also enjoyable during autumn, with milder temperatures and longer hours of daylight. It’s also a good time to visit if you want to avoid the peak tourist season during the summer.

    What to eat and drink in Manchester?

    • Black Pudding: A dark sausage made from pig’s blood and onion, oats and suet.
    • Eccles Cake: A cake filled with currants, sugar and spice.
    • Manchester Egg: A pickled egg in a sausage and black-pudding coating, wrapped in breadcrumbs.
    • Manchester Tart: Baked tart spread with raspberry jam, covered with a custard filling and topped with flakes of coconut.
    • Parched peas: Made from the purple-podded pea which is soaked overnight and simmered to produce a type of mushy pea.

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