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In order to help you out with your online booking, we have listed here the most frequently asked questions about booking online on

What are e-tickets?
E-ticketing is the electronic ticket service of Brussels Airlines, which is a paperless process. Your ticket details are not printed in a hard copy, but are safely stored in our booking system.

How do I travel with an e-ticket?
When you arrive at the airport, you can immediately check in or use our self check-in terminals, where available. With an e-ticket you can also enjoy the pleasure of using our online check-in tool.

How can I be sure that my reservation has been made correctly?
Once you have selected the combination of flights, dates, booking class, additional services that satisfy you, click on continue. You will be asked to enter your details and then provide payment information. Once you have confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with a booking reference indicating that your reservation has been confirmed. Please remember that once the ticket has been reserved, you will no longer be able to make any changes to it (unless the terms and conditions of the fare specify that the ticket may be changed by making a payment/free of charge). See here our rules for changing a reservation.

I have not received a confirmation e-mail. Why is this?
This can occur for a number of different reasons. It may be that you have unfortunately entered your e-mail address incorrectly or that receipt of the confirmation e-mail has been delayed for one of a number of technical reasons. If you don’t receive a confirmation e-mail, you can contact our Service Centre to find out whether your web reservation has been successfully completed.

My credit card is refused although I am sure it is still valid. What shall I do?
It may be that for various reasons your credit card is refused when being transacting your request towards our payment service provider. It’s possible that you already reached the maximum expense limit set by your bank; in that case we will not be able to process your request. If so, may we advise you to pay with another card or/and contact your bank. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact our Web Helpdesk.

I have trouble filling in my credit card details, what shall I do?
Our booking engine only accepts alphanumerical characters. You should make sure that you did not use any special characters (such as -:/=+_ etc.) in the fields of the Purchase Page. If you have any doubt about what to fill in, do not hesitate to contact our Web Helpdesk.

I did click on Purchase but nothing happens or a strange error page appears, what shall I do?
In that case we advise you to check your e-mail address to see if a confirmation e-mail arrives in your mailbox. This would prove the booking has been successful. You should absolutely avoid making another booking if you are not sure that the first attempt was unsuccessful. In any case, please contact our Web Helpdesk to verify.

On the Purchase page I see an error message preventing me to book the flight I have chosen, what shall I do?
For fraud reasons, Brussels Airlines is setting up time limits that does not allow you to book certain flights if departure is too close from booking date. In that case, you should contact our Service Centre. Additionally, we have setup a system that prevents users to make several booking with very similar data in order to prevent dupe bookings.

After using my debit card and clicking on "Purchase", I have been redirected to an unknown website, what shall I do?
For debit card payments, you will be redirected to the secured website of our payment service provider who will ask for your debit card details in order to process the payment. At the end of that step, and when payment is successful, you will be redirected to the « confirmation page » of the Brussels Airlines website. Should you have any doubt any doubt and for fraud reasons, do not hesitate to contact our Web Helpdesk.

I finished my booking but did not receive any confirmation e-mail , what shall I do ?
Check regularly your mailbox. It can be that the confirmation e-mail takes time to be sent (usually a question of minutes), especially during promotion periods. Also check that your mailbox is not configured in such a way that Brussels Airlines e-mails are arriving in your trash box. Should you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact our Web Helpdesk.

How does Brussels Airlines ensure my privacy?
Brussels Airlines respects and protects your privacy. Your personal details are safe with us. We attach a great deal of importance to the confidence you have placed in our company and treat all the personal information you have entrusted to us with great care. Further details are provided in our Privacy Policy.

Are my personal details secured?
All your personal details, including your name, address and credit card number, are encrypted using secure server software (SSL) in order to ensure maximum security. This means that your details can’t be intercepted when they are sent to our website on the Internet.

Can I reserve a flight for someone else?
Yes, you can certainly make a reservation for someone else using your credit card. You will need to provide the necessary information together with your credit card or debit card details. Exception for passengers travelling from Africa: The credit card holder must be the passenger named in the ticket or in one of the tickets of the reservation record linked to the concerned webbooking.

I travel with a Child/Infant but the booking engine says that the age of my Child/Infant is not valid.
At the date of departure, your child should be below 12 years and your infant below 2 years. Our system will compute that in order to make sure it complies with these regulations. In case you would like to get more information, please contact our Web Helpdesk.

How can I book an Open Jaw ticket?
An “open jaw” ticket enables you to depart for your return flight from a point other than the destination of your outward flight or to return to a point other than the point of departure of your outward flight. For this kind of booking please select the option “Multiple stops”.

Is the booking engine optimized for all browsers?
The booking engine is optimized for usage on the following browser platform versions:

  • Internet Explorer 8 or higher
  • Firefox (latest version)
  • Chrome (latest version)
  • Safari (latest version)
  • Opera (latest version)
Operation of the booking engine is also possible on other browser types and versions not listed above. However, the results may vary.

How do I make a group booking?
Our website enables you to book up to 9 passengers at a time. However at Brussels Airlines, we also welcome groups (as from 10 passengers) and offer great group fares. For more information, please complete click here.
Please be informed that all passengers must travel together on the same flights and dates.

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