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    Flights to Spain

    Over 48 million tourists visit Spain each year, which makes Spain the third most visited country in the world. And we know why … Spain is the perfect country for a pleasant, restful beach holiday. The Spanish costas are famous for their pleasantly warm climate, beautiful sandy beaches, lively cultural life and wild nightlife.

    • Alicante

      Alicante, an enchanting city situated on the famous Costa Blanca and overlooked by a shield of robust mountains.

      Discover Alicante >
    • Barcelona

      Wander through the Ramblas, visit the Sagrada Familia or enjoy the Spanish nightlife: Barcelona is the place to be for any tourist.

      Discover Barcelona >
    • Bilbao

      The Santiago Cathedral and the Guggenheim Museum will be the highlights of your visit to Bilbao.

      Discover Bilbao >
    • Gran Canaria

      Gran Canaria, the third largest of the Canary Islands, is often described as a “miniature continent” due to its unique microclimates and surprising variety of landscapes. From leafy green forestland to desert-like sandy beaches, from rugged mountain views to the cosmopolitan and dynamic city centre, Gran Canaria truly has something for everyone.

      Discover Gran Canaria >
    • Ibiza

      There’s no place to party like Ibiza, but the Balearic island has much more to offer.

      Discover Ibiza >
    • Jerez de la Frontera

      Jerez de la Frontera is the largest city in the Cádiz province, located in Andalusia in the southern region of Spain. With both Spanish and Moorish influences, the streets of Jerez exude an aristocratic air that is quite unique. However, Jerez de la Frontera is especially known for three things: sherry, flamenco and horses.

      Discover Jerez de la Frontera >
    • Madrid

      The capital of Spain is bursting with life, has a large number of sights and a formidable nightlife.

      Discover Madrid >
    • Malaga

      Birthplace of the painter Pablo Picasso, home to monuments such the Alcazaba fortress-citadel, the Gibralfaro Castle and the Roman Theatre, Malaga is a vibrant city and one of Spain’s hottest cultural, gastronomic and leisure destinations.

      Discover Malaga >
    • Palma de Mallorca

      Located in the southern bay of Mallorca, Palma could turn out to be your surprise holiday break. The city is mostly known for its sun and beach tourism, but its historic quarter and twisting cobbled streets surely shouldn’t be overlooked.

      Discover Palma de Mallorca >
    • Seville

      Seville is the most beautiful city in southern Spain and is the stimulating centre of Andalusia. The variety of Seville’s architecture makes it a leading tourist attraction.

      Discover Seville >
    • Tenerife

      Tenerife is the largest of the seven islands that make up the Canary Island archipelago and lies just over 300 km from the African coast, and about 1,300 km from the Spanish Mainland. The island is known throughout the world as the “Island of Eternal Spring”.

      Discover Tenerife >