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      About Tenerife

      Tenerife is more than just another beach holiday destination 
      Discover Tenerife off the beaten track »

      Tenerife is the largest of the seven islands that make up the Canary Island archipelago and lies just over 300 km from the African coast, and about 1,300 km from the Spanish Mainland. The island is known throughout the world as the Island of Eternal Spring.

      In general, the Island´s climate is mild, temperate and moderate throughout the year. There are no seasons of extreme cold or suffocating heat. Average temperatures fluctuate between 17º and 18º C in winter, up to 24º or 25º C in summer. The wide variety of climates and landscapes in Tenerife is matched by a wealth of ecosystems, each with its own characteristic flora and fauna. 

      The island has modern, top-class and comfortable hotels and self-catering accommodation that put it among the top holiday destinations in Europe. For those who prefer a more direct contact with nature, the rural tourism accommodation and camp sites provide another way of discovering the island.

      Our suggestions:

      SLEEP The Laguna Nivaria Hotel & Spa (San Cristóbal de La Laguna, lagunanivaria) is a remarkable achievement. Forgoing the sprawl of most major resorts, it manages to cram many of the same attractions into a beautiful old townhouse. There’s a spa, gym, sauna and roof terrace, as well as rooms that maintain the traditional feel of the building.
      EAT Stumble on it from the street and you probably wouldn’t think much of Charlie’s Bistro (Calle Flor de Pascua). Then you’d wonder why the small, simple dining room was full, and why everybody had a massive grin on their face. Then you’d try and get a seat and realise you have to book a day in advance because this is the best place to eat on the island.

      • The Museo de Historia y Antropologia de Tenerife Casa de Carta (Calle Vino 44, www.museosdetenerife.org) has to justify a name that long by being really good. The museum is actually a villa that’s been restored to its 1900s state, and filled with crafts, art and dress from the period. It’s a fascinating insight into island life before Tenerife became party central.
      • Anybody looking to tax themselves should point their noses at the summit of Mirador Pico del Ingles, and start climbing. It rises to a height of 1,024m and the views from the top take some beating. The trail is well marked, so guides aren’t necessary – though reaching the Parque Rural de Anaga national park takes some doing without a car.
      • If you’re looking for an evening drink without the hassle of big crowds, try Cafe Steps (Playa Fanabe), which has a fine selection of Belgian beers, a friendly vibe and some good bar snacks to boot.
      PRACTICAL INFO A taxi to Santa Cruz takes about an hour and costs €70. Line 111 connects Tenerife Airport South with the capital, Santa Cruz, and the main beaches of the island. The trip to Santa Cruz costs €9 and takes around 50 minutes.