Selection procedure

All CVs are administered via our on-line recruitment software and we accept no other application method. Once you have filled out all the required sections, our recruitment team will evaluate your application.

Depending on the position you are applying for, the recruitment process can be one of two types.

1. Individual recruitment


If you apply for an individual position such as Analyst, Purchaser, Planner, Marketeer etc., you will first be screened based on education, professional experience and background. If your qualifications meet our requirements, you will then be invited for an interview with one of our recruiters and the line manager. Keep in mind that we may also include technical and personality tests in the interview process.

2. Volume recruitment (such as Passenger Services Agents and Cabin Crew Members)


Passenger Services Agents and Cabin Crew Members are trained in a group prior to starting in our daily operations. In order to have a smooth and fluent recruitment process, we will organise several recruitment days during which a large number of candidates will be invited. Candidates will then be divided into smaller groups to discuss various topics. For more information on the basic requirements, please follow this link.

It is not possible to apply without choosing a specific position. We wish to keep our recruitment database up-to-date and using the most recent candidate information.