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Higher seat load factor for Brussels Airlines in November

viernes, diciembre 21, 2012 In the month of November Brussels Airlines has registered a higher seat load factor increase of 0.7 pct. points thanks to its new network strategy. The total number of passengers stabilised compared to the same period last year.

During the first month of the winter season Brussels Airlines welcomed 415,590 passengers on board its European and intercontinental flights. That is about the same number as in November 2011.

The number of passengers that travelled with Brussels Airlines to Africa increased by 2.6% and also the new New York scheduled service showed satisfying results. The European network attracted 3.5% less passengers. These figures are in line with the winter adjustment of the European network. Edinburgh was added to the European network, while the scheduled services to Athens and Poland disappeared from the network. Some typical summer routes have been interrupted in November, as was the case during the last winter seasons.

Thanks to this network strategy that better responds to the seasonal market demand, the passenger seat load factor increased by 0.7 percentage points. The overall load factor (passengers and freight) increased by 3.8 percentage points. Freight activities grew steadily again in November.

The passenger figures of November only reflect the scheduled flights of Brussels Airlines. The passengers of charter flights operated by Brussels Airlines on behalf of tour operators are not included.

November 2012

November 2011

month / month
difference in pct.

Passengers 414,935 415,590 - 0.2
Available seat-kilometres 1036.49 971.07 + 6.7
Revenue seat-kilometres 665.06 615.97 + 8.0
Freight ton-kilometres 13763 10291 + 33.7
Overall Load Factor (Passengers & cargo) 60.9 % 57.1 % + 3.8 pct. points
Seat Load Factor passengers 64,2 % 63.5 % +0.7 pct. points