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      Croatia Split Adriatic Coast

      Turquoise waters of the Adriatic Coast.

      Split is a great starting point for nature lovers, culture seekers and sailing adventurers.

      Croatia Split Kastel Gomilica

      Dalmatian history at its best.

      Within easy reach of Split, Kastel Gomilica will mesmerize both historical as “Games of Thrones” fanatics.

      Croatia Split Diocletian's Palace

      The other side of Split.

      Inside Split’s old city walls you’ll discover Diocletian’s Palace, one of the world’s most impressive Roman monuments.

      Flights to Split, Croatia

      During your stay in Croatia, you shouldn’t miss a trip to the city of Split, which is a never-ending source of surprises. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or the hundredth, it’ll never cease to amaze you! This city has traversed the centuries, but has always managed to retain its splendour.

      Today, it is famous for being an important historic and cultural centre, of which Diocletian’s Palace is a perfect example. However, summarising Split by this palace alone would be a mistake, because the city contains a wealth of monuments and diverse and varied landscapes. It is perfect for nature lovers, as its two national parks and islands attest! And its archaeological museum caters for history and archaeology lovers.

      Split is THE place to go in Croatia... so don’t wait a moment longer, and book your Brussels Airlines ticket to Split!

      What to do in Split?

      1. If there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss during your trip, it’s Diocletian’s Palace! A true symbol of Split, this palace is a city within a city. There are several buildings you can visit, such as the emperor’s apartments, the mausoleum (now a cathedral), the Temple of Jupiter, and even the Peristyle. Whether you decide to visit the entire palace or simply walk through the historic old town, you will have the impression of having turned back the clock.
      2. And if your need for antiquity persists, visit the Archaeological Museum. Founded in 1820, it’s one of the country’s oldest museums, housing some 150,000 items. Contemporary art lovers will enjoy the Meštrović Gallery, installed in the summer house of Croatian sculptor and student of Rodin, Ivan Meštrović. In this idyllic setting, you’ll find superb sculptures in both the house and the garden from one of the country’s greatest artists of the 20th century.
      3. For a bit of fresh air, go to Marjan Park, the city’s largest park. Why not practise a little sport, or have a picnic? Everything is done to make visitors feel at home whilst enjoying the magnificent view of the city and islands.
      4. There are beautiful beaches around Split, some sandy, some with pebbles, and some with rocks, that are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. After a day in the sun, take a walk along the Riva in Split. Street artists and musicians entertain the tourists and bring the promenade to life.
      5. Are you looking for the most beautiful beaches in Croatia? The more adventurous can conquer Brač Island! This is undoubtedly one of the country’s most beautiful islands... and it’s there that you find Croatia’s most famous beach, Zlatni Rat Beach. Just one hour from Split is Brela, a small village whose beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Once there, you might consider heading even further south to discover the whole of the Dalmatian coast as far as Dubrovnik.
      6. If, on the other hand, you want to cool down in the mountains, the Krka waterfalls will do the trick. Located an hour’s drive from Split, you’ll find them in the Krka National Park surrounded by lush flora!

      Practical information for your trip to Split

      • Brussels Airlines flights arrive and depart from Split Airport, which is just under 20 km from Split and 6 km from Trogir. These two cities are connected by a bus service. You can also get there by taxi or ferry. Ferries link Split with the seaside resorts along the Dalmatian coast.
      • Time zone: UTC/GMT+1.
      • Currency: The Croatian currency is called the kuna. You won’t have any trouble finding cash machines (Visa, MasterCard and AM). You can also use euros (preferably for large amounts).
      • Telephone calls and Wi-Fi: The local dialing code is (0)21, and the international code is +385. You will have no trouble finding Wi-Fi. Indeed, Wi-Fi networks are often available in the airport, and also in Split’s hotels, restaurants, and cafés.
      • Electric sockets: These have a standard voltage of 230 V and are type C or F (European standard). If you use American or British plugs, you will need an adaptor.
      • Travel information: European Unions citizens don’t need a visa to travel to Croatia. A passport or identity card will suffice. For all information on visas and travel documents, visit the website www.iatatravelcentre.com.
      • Vaccination: There are no mandatory vaccinations for travellers. For more health information, visit the website www.iatatravelcentre.com.

      What to do and not do in Split?

      • If you want to visit the magnificent Marjan park, leave early in the morning, particularly in summer, to avoid the heat. Also, it is advisable to take at least one bottle of water with you.
      • If you intend visiting several of the city’s attractions, you can buy a “Split Card” which will give you free access to several cultural sites, and you’ll be able to use public transport free of charge. The card is available in several hotels.
      • As public transport is well organised in Split, you are advised to use buses to get around. There are also several shuttle services for getting to the airport.
      • Shopping enthusiasts will enjoy wandering through the many shops and pretty markets such as the souvenir market (near Diocletian’s Palace). Visit the fish market and the fruit and vegetable market for a sense of the local atmosphere.

      When to go to Split?

      The Dalmatian coast is perfect for holidays. Average temperatures vary between 12°C in January and 30°C in July. It’s preferable to go there between May and September. It is warm and dry in summer, so if you are going there during this period take light clothing. If you want to avoid tourists, explore the region in autumn or spring.

      What to eat in Split?

      As far as gastronomy is concerned, you absolutely must go to one of the many “conobas” (small restaurants with a cosy atmosphere). These restaurants offer juicy steaks, vegetable-based dishes or mussels. Many other typical dishes await you, such as “Pršut” (smoked ham), octopus salad, and “cheese Štrukli”.

      Cultural events in Split

      • Ultra Europe: Festival lovers won’t want to miss this music festival for the world. Each July, Split hosts this exuberant festival to which the world’s best DJs are invited!
      • Days of Diocletian: This event, which generally takes place in August, gives you the chance to relive the Diocletian era. The streets are decorated with his effigy, sword fights take place, and you can see Diocletian himself crossing the city in his carriage!
      • Sinjska Alka: Who hasn’t dreamt of being a knight? This unique event includes a magnificent tournament in which knights compete against each other. It even appears in UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The event takes place in the town of Sinj, 34 km from Split.
      • Cili svit u Split: During August, people from other regions of Croatia come to present their crafts and traditions to the people of Split and the world in general.

      Book your flight to Split, Croatia!

      Please note that you will be able to book your flight to Split with Brussels Airlines as of November 2017. We will fly to/from Split between 28 April 2018 and 3 October 2018.

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